Отзыв эксперта Mark Sedgwick

о судействе на 5-й Национальной выставке ККЧС ранга Чемпион Клуба.(организатор НКП ККЧС.)
г. Москва.

Russia CKCS Club Championship show 9th Juny 2019

I would just like to say a big thankyou to Elena Lomokhova for the invitation to judge this show ,and a very big thank you to her and her team who took wonderful care of us while we were in Russia, I really enjoyed my time there and loved seeing Moscow, and of course the wonderful cavaliers that attended the show .

This was my first time in Russia and all the dogs and exhibiters were all new to me, I had not seen any of these cavaliers before so all was very fresh which was so nice to judge.
I appreciate like in any FCI system you have a grading and critique on every dog , when grading dogs , you are grading them on the day in front of you , I can appreciate that a few exhibitors may of thought there dogs should have been awarded a higher grade, but having been involved in cavaliers for over 30 years I like to give a honest opinion .
When you give out an excellent in a dog this dog must fit the breed standard in many ways and I like to think I am looking at a near perfect cavalier to the breed standard to award this merit. I did award many with: Good: this does not mean your cavalier is bad in any way, it just means it was not quite fitting the standard of Excellent.

On the plus side of today I found many cavaliers that I loved and fitted the standard very well.

The babies were of lovely type, with good size, pretty heads and gentle expressions.

I also loved the Junior dog and junior bitch ,these two will have bright futures I am sure ,they both fitted the standard very well, with excellent type , soundness and good heads, loved them both ,but the bitch just had the edge for Best Junior in show.Delighful well marked blen of very good type ,prettiest of heads with good round dark eyes ,ears set well, short back good size ,and moving very well.
My BOB and BOS, were both again lovely type cavaliers, the bitch who was lovely to go over on the table with good neck shoulders, short back, moderate bone, and moved well keeping a good top line and tail carriage. But today the Dog who went BIS stole my heart , a dog that was new to me ,loved his overall type, size and balance, his head was very nice with well set ears and large dark eyes, he moved with purpose keeping a good top line and tail carriage, his coat was in excellent condition with good colour and showed and presented to perfection, I worthy BIS winner. Both my final line up of dogs and bitches were very worthy and I was impressed with the quality of these exhibits. Best 4 bitches and best 4 males were of good standard ,and all had what I was looking for ,all of good size and full of breed type with good movement and typical heads . On the down side, what I did find that needs to be improved is length of back, there were quite a few dogs and bitches that were too long, the standard asks for a short back.
Eyes could be better on some; some were showing too much white of eye. Shoulders could be better on some, with quite a few short in neck and not enough lay of shoulder. And tail sets and carriage could be improved upon.
On the plus side, most dogs were of good size and type, with wonderful temperaments, heads were pleasing. the future for the breed in Russia looks promising, especially with the nice puppies and juniors coming alone of lovely type. I thank all the exhibiters for bring your dogs for me to access, and for the sporting way you excepted my decisions. And hoping in the near future I may be asked to come back again.

Thank you,
Mark Sedgwick