Отзыв эксперта Natalija Zeljic

о судействе на монопородной выставке ККЧС ранга Чемпионат Московского региона с присуждением КЧК в каждом классе(организатор клуб МКОО Трейл.)
г. Подольск.

First of all, I can say thay, I had a very pleasant atmosphere near my ring where I was judging cavaliers. People in breed was very friendly and decent. To be honest I didn't expect that number of entries and because of that I am really honoured.
I will try to describe what I seen overall.
Heads were tipical with beautiful classic expression. All dogs have good bites and a good pigmentation colour of lips, nouse and on the eyelids. Ears is good set and excellent carriage. Some of them had extreme heads. In past few years I have seen more and more this tipe, and i think that is become "fashion". When i say extreme head i think on too round shape of head, ears down set, etc... My recommendation to the Club is not to encourage the mating of two dogs with extreme heads.
On some dogs, I noticed a slightly shorter neck. Rest of tham have really beautiful elegant and excellent reach of neck.
I didn't seen any problems with the shoulders and front legs angulation.
Some full development dogs had little bit lighter chest.
Now we are coming to talk about top line. All dogs have excellent top line from withers ( top of shoulder) to loins. In thet part i didn't see some big problems. But the main problem that i seen on many dogs that day is a croup. Most of the dogs had falling croups.
Because of the position of the croup loot of dogs don't have good silhouette in stand and not good whole top line . Tails was low settleds. That is mean below level of topline. Many of the dogs wore their tail high carriage . Loot of tham has good angulation of back legs.
All problems in back part of dog is coming from croup.
In the movement with front legs, dogs that i saw, don't have a big problems. With back legls lot of dogs had irregular movement because od croups.
Thay were approaching their hind legs with each other and in stand thay have a cow-hocked legs. That is means the hock joints turned or pointed towards each other, causing the feet to turn out.
Coat condition was really exelent. All dogs was clean, brushed and shining and sufficient lengthsof coat depending of age. Texture was silky and quality was excellent. I didn't feel any woolly coat. All the dogs had well feathered ears.
Temperament of all dogs was great! No fear, friendly, alert, curious and happy. All hendlers present tham on good way ( in free stacking and at a moderate trot).
My opinion is that at this point, the breed is headed in the right direction and my recommendation is that the breeders need to deal with the croup problem in the future breedings.
I was pleased to see some of great examples of the breed.

Best regards
Natalija Zeljic
Taurunum Angel's